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Presentation - Basic Skills

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Browse the lists below to find resources to help you deliver this section of #digitalstudies

Resources are not added in any order; however, to make it easier to find something that you can use in the classroom, each column can be sorted by simply clicking on the top row.


Resource Type Example lesson? Name or related to Cost / additional resources Description from resource Description of how resource can be used  If this resource is originally yours please add your twitter ID here Added to wiki by:
Website Y Creating WordArt Free

Word Art is a great tool available in Microsoft Office that enables you display text using a variety of fancy, decorative features. These include:

  • making the text follow a curved line or downwards slope;
  • rotating the text around so that it is slanted;
  • adding shadow to the text;
  • changing the colour of the text so that it is a blend of two or more colours;
  • making the text appear with a 3D effect.

Each Word Art element is treated as an 'object' on the screen which can be moved about/repositioned on the page or slide quite easily.

  @simonhaughton @teachesict
Website Y Using the Drawing Tools Free

Many people associate primary ICT artwork with using painting programs, although it's important not to forget to teach children how to use object-based graphics packages too.

As I've discussed on this page, the main differences between painting and drawing software is the way the different elements of an image are stored:

  • Painting programs let you paint virtually onto the screen as if it were a canvas and store images by remembering the colour of each of the dots or pixels in the image.
  • Drawing programs let you create pictures made up of shapes or objects and store images by remembering the: position, size shape and colour of each of the objects within it.
Part 2 is here @simonhaughton @teachesict


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