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Digital Literacy - Keyboard and Mouse Skills - Mouse Control

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Resource Type Example lesson? Name or related to Cost / additional resources  ▾ Description from resource Description of how resource can be used  If this resource is originally yours please add your twitter ID here Added to wiki by:
Website Y Dot to Dot - Mouse Control Free I originally came up with the idea of asking them to complete dot-to-dot pictures three years ago now, although whether it was my idea or something that I'd adapted from elsewhere I honestly couldn't remember. Following a brief introduction where I explain how to hold the mouse properly and which buttons to (and not to) press, I then just let them work their way through the slides of aPowerPoint slideshow I've made, where each slide represents a new line added to their picture which is advanced every time they click a red dot on screen (the slides are set not to advance on mouse click - the action is only triggered when they click on the dot itself to ensure accuracy).   @simonhaughton @teachesict
Website Y Build a snowman - Mouse Control Free This morning Nursery were taking it in turns to build a snowman on the Interactive Whiteboard. You can have a go at building a snowman yourself by clicking on the picture.   @chrisleach78 @teachesict
App Y Bouncing Balls Free Use this website to encourage the pupils to pick up and bounce the balls. @neave @teachesict


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