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Teaching and Learning - iPads in School - Articles

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Article 23 May 2012  iPad or iFad  

In 2002 I was so enthused by the idea that a school could provide one desktop computer for every child, that I launched a research programme to study one of the first schools in the UK to achieve that goal for each of its 41 Year 6 pupils. We placed a research assistant in a classroom for several hours each week, over an entire term at Broadclyst Community Primary School, near Exeter in Devon, to observe and record what happened. The results were later published in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, and the 1:1 ratio certainly made a difference to learning engagement, but not necessarily to learning gain. Our major findings were that the 1:1 ratio of laptop provision encouraged greater creativity from the children, and improved their levels of engagement and enthusiasm across subjects. 

  @timbuckteeth @teachesict
Article   Using iPads in the Classroom   If I had thirty iPads in my class, what would I do with them? How would I use them to help my students learn better and help me teach better? Perhaps a better question is what would I do with them that I could not do with other tools that are available and cheaper? Certainly iPads are cheaper than computers, desktop or laptop, and they are more mobile.   @edutopia @teachesict
Article   1:1 iPads in the Classroom   My school district is making history this month as we roll out an iPad to every high school student in our district. I’ve been told that this is the largest iPad deployment to date for Apple. I am a technology specialist at an elementary school, but it was “all hands on deck” as all technology specialists, technicians, and a variety of district office personnel were asked to assist with iPad distribution and set-up at Lexington High School. Classes were assigned a day of the week to report at 8:30, to one of 4 areas (cafeteria, Learning Commons, Little Theater, or Performing Arts Center). It took about an hour and a half to distribute iPads to these large groups, to get them logged into the school network, and to get their Apple IDs and iCloud activated. By 10:30 AM on Friday, about 3000 iPads were deployed. Our IT department did a good job of trouble-shooting in this “learn as you go” scenario. Over the next 2 weeks we will hand out iPads at the other 3 high schools in our district.      @teachesict
Article   Longfield Academy - iPads in action conference   After much build up to this event the time had come to visit the “iPad” school and find out how they deployed, manage and use the iPad in lessons. The journey to Longfield only took 2 hours and @gideonwilliams made the journey seem much faster. On approaching what i though was the school, seemed to be the old school being demolished…anyway the new build was only next door.  For all Rob's articles on iPads use this link  @therobharrison  @teachesict
Article   We can't afford 1:1  

1:1 technology in classrooms is a much talked about topic in our Personal Learning Network.  In various schools and districts both large and small, students and teachers have their own iPads, laptops, or Smartphones, depending on the technological bent of that particular jurisdiction.  I have read numerous blog posts and articles showcasing the successes and levels of student engagement in these programs.  I also understand that there are numerous schools that are looking to move in this direction as fast as they are able to do so.

However, no matter whether I wanted to pursue 1:1 technology in our school or not, I am confronted with one big chunk of reality in our school of 1400 students.

We can’t afford 1:1.

  cbirk  @teachesict
Article   8 Burning questions about iPads in Class   I recently received an email from a media and tech teacher from a school district in Wisconsin.  The questions she has asked are awesome and could be helpful to others.  My answers to her questions are followed with actual video clips from my classroom. Enjoy and may this be helpful!    @recessduty  @teachesict
Article   Teaching kids with iPads (5 parts)     A great blog.  The link is to all the posts tagged iPad  @bradflickinger  @teachesict
Article   7 reasons why you need an iPad in your classroom and 10 ways to use them   This blog post will explore reasons why the iPad might be the perfect technology tool in our schools today, providing teachers with 10 concrete ideas for using them in the classroom RIGHT NOW.    @VAMCE2010  @teachesict
Article   Considerations before deploying iPads   Before schools and districts go on a mass purchasing spree of iPads and iPods, there are a few infrastructure considerations before sending the purchase order. While I am a strong advocate of using the tablet in the classroom, there should be some strategic deployment plans before putting it in the hands of students. Rather than sounding as the expert, I have decided to format the considerations through questions I would ask before purchasing. This list by no means fits everyone’s model, but will hopefully serve as a guideline to planning out iPad/iPod/tablet/mobile device deployments. Thanks! I would be more than happy to add your feedback, questions, comments to this evolving blog post.    @socratech  @teachesict
Article   iPads can't improve learning without good teaching   Clearly there is a lot of buzz around iPads in schools at the moment. You can’t log on to the Web without reading about another school or entire district or department investing massive coin in a sparkling set of the Wonder Tablets, excited that they will cure all the ills of the current education systems around the world. From reading my blog, you would be no doubt convinced that I am very much in this Pro-iPad camp. Make no mistake I am.  Another great iPad blog.  For all posts tagged iPad click here    @teachesict
Article   The iPad and the Teacher   The iPad assists learning in many ways with perhaps the most significant being the continuity of learning between home and school. A student can open the device and continue with the work they have been set or need to complete. An application automatically stores the last student entry and this is instantly accessible whenever it is required. This may seem a small matter but we have found that it has removed a number of the processes that present barriers to learning – a compact working environment with instant on capability.  For all ipad themed posts from @syded06 click here - excellent reading!  @syded06 @teachesict
Article    One approach to setting up the iPad for shared use among multiple users    A growing number of faculty and staff members at The College of Westchester have been using iPads and we’re always learning more about their functionality and potential uses. One idea that comes up from time to time is the possibility of using them in multi-user situations. Perhaps we could have iPads available to loan for use within the Library, or maybe a few people in a department or work group might want to share the use of one?    @emergingedtech  @teachesict 


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