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Website    Crime Scene Investigation     

 Work your way through 4 CSI cases and learn about forensics along the way

Website Y Simulation - Junior ICT Companion     Brilliant website from Simon with fantastic simulation resources.  Well laid out for the younger pupils @simonhaughton @teachesict
Website   Modelling - Google Sketchup - Teacher Guide  

FUN projects you can use in your classroom, using FREE Google SketchUp software 

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Loads of projects separated by age and subject using Google Sketchup   @teachesict
Website Y Modelling - Google Sketchup  

I cover Sketchup with Year 6 each year and I always like seeing the reactions on their faces as they turn their designs into 3D and rotate around their constructions for the first time. Usually some of the children are so amazed by the capabilities of the program that they boast about how they intend to download it at home. Last year, for instance, I had one boy demonstrate some outstanding work that he had done adding fine interior decorations to a house and this year I had one child discover how to create a square-based pryamid by himself!

  @simonhaughton @teachesict