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Game   Maze - Lab Rat Maze Game Help the rat find all forty two cheeses in various maze levels.
Your goal is to find the cheese, very easy if you are good at the mazes, but see if you have what it takes below.
Game   Maze - Light Bot

Control a robot by giving it commands. Use programmer-style logic for more complex levels that include functions to re-use.

Artificial intelligence is hard to program.  Not every bot ever created can manoeuvre and function on its own.

Rather, some bots run along a path that the programmer pre-sets for them in various situations.

Your job is to light up all the blue tiles in the factory by the commands you issue to the light-Bot.  Good Luck!


Maze Frenzy:  

Game   Maze - Maze Game Robot maze is a maze where you guide a robot through a maze that's only visible in parts. Use your head but be aware of your time. If you run out of time, it's game over for your robot.      @teachesict
Game   Maze - Maze Frenzy

A collection of maze games including:  

Maze Game and Maze Game 2 are fairly simple to understand maze games. The object is to direct a small red ball through a maze using your cursor. Simple does not mean easy however. If you happen to bump into any walls or moving objects you start back at the beginning of the maze. You do get a few tries but these games can be somewhat difficult unless you have a steady hand. Maze Game Two adds a new twist to the concept as you have limited visibility while working your way through the mazes.

Click Maze and Click Maze 2 are pretty unique in the world of maze games. The mazes themselves are not particularly difficult. These games use a golf style scoring system where the number of clicks you use to move through the maze is key to having a high score. The object is to move through the maze, dodging walls and moving objects using as few clicks as possible.