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Digital Authoring - Graphics Websites

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Browse the lists below to find resources to help you deliver this section of #digitalstudies

Resources are not added in any order; however, to make it easier to find something that you can use in the classroom, each column can be sorted by simply clicking on the top row.



Resource Type  Example lesson? Name or related to Cost / additional resources Description from resource Description of how resource can be used  If this resource is originally yours please add your twitter ID here Added to wiki 
Website - Visual.ly   Infographics Free View and create infographics


Website - Makeuseof.com   Infographics Free 10 Tools for creating infographics     @teachesict
Website - Sixrevisions.com   Infographics Free 40 useful and creative infographics     @teachesict 
Website - naldzgraphics.net   Infographics Free Tips in designing effective infographics     @teachesict  
Website - freetech4teachers.com   Infographics - Deconstructing Free Lately it seems like every week a new infographic makes the rounds through the various social media circles of Twitter, Google+, and blogs. This afternoon as I was looking at another infographic that seemed to be making statements that were a little hard to believe, this time it was one aboutgerms found on computer keyboards, I started to think about deconstructing infographics.   @rmbyrne @teachesict  
Website - schrockguide.net   Infographics - Creative Assessment Free   This website also has a ridiculously large number of links for other sites dealing with Infographics @kathyschrock @teachesict  
Website - freetech4teachers.com   11 free online drawing tools Free As long as there has been a mouse connected to a computer there have been tools for making drawings on a computer. Here are five drawing tools that you might consider the next time you or your students need a free and easy drawing tool.   @rmbyrne @teachesict  
Website Y Kids Art Blog Free I have just started up a new blog project based on an activity I used to do at my previous school. During Guided Reading sessions I had a couple of other activities which some groups carried out whilst the others were reading. One of these was an art project in which I gave the children the title of a famous painting and asked them to create a piece of art with that title (without showing them the original). The kids loved this and it created a fantastic art gallery in our cloakroom.   @chrisleach78 @teachesict  
Website - kitaro10.com   Logos for inspiration Free Highly Professional & Newly Designed Logo’s For Your Inspiration   @kitaro10 @teachesict  
Website - noupe.com   Logos that speak for themselves Free A creative logo design plays a vital role in portraying the brand identity of any company. It is not only the name of the company, but also the brand’s message that communicates with the customers. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it is also the logo design that makes your business memorable and distinguishes it from the rest!

It is for that reason that designers put a large amount of effort and time in designing creative and unique logo designs for their clients. In this post, we present to you some very cleverly designed logos that we hope will inspire you to try out something different! Feel free to share more interesting logos with us in the comment section below.
  @noupemag @teachesict  
Website - CLEO Y Blender - Basics (includes video)   3 tutorials to get you started     @teachesict  
Website - CLEO   Blender - 10 lessons (includes videos)   Learn Blender with Sumit Sarkar     @teachesict  
Website Y 2Design and Make  

Design and construct 3d nets / models

For their final ICT lesson of the year, I decided to show Year 3 the fabulous 2Design and Make application on Purple Mash. This basically allows you to paint nets of 3D shapes which can be previewed on the screen and then printed out onto card to be assembled together


@simonhaughton @teachesict  
Website Y 2DIY  

Reception 2DIY Jigsaws

Another nice activity I've done with reception for the last couple of years is to teach them how to create a jigsaw puzzle using 2Do It Yourself.

They already play jigsaws I've made for them on the school website and are becoming familiar with the range of painting tools that are availble in the 2Simple Software collection, so I try to give them as much independence as possible when making their jigsaws up (just giving them a quick tutorial at the start to inpsire them with some ideas).

  @simonhaughton @teachesict  
Website Y 2DIY   Reception have been creating jigsaw puzzles on the computers. They have used a program called 2DIY to create pictures that can then be turned into jigsaw puzzles. Here are some examples of the children at work.   @chrisleach78  @teachesict  
Website Y 2DIY  

Year 1 - Creating robots

This morning Year 1 used 2DIY to create robots. They began by drawing different sections of their robots such as heads, bodies, arms and legs and then dragged and dropped these sections to create different robot designs

  @chrisleach78   @teachesict  
Website Y 2DIY  

Year 7 Platform Games

Today Year 7 have begun designing and creating their platform games. To begin with they sketched their ideas for the characters and level design on paper and then we began to use a program called 2DIY to create the games.

  @chrisleach78   @teachesict  
Website Y 2DIY  

Year 2 Robots

This week Year 2 used a program called 2 Do It Yourself to create their own robots. They drew all the different parts of their robots and created an activity that lets you put the parts together to create a whole collection of robots.

  @chrisleach78   @teachesict  
Website Y 2DIY  

Christmas Trees

I know it is still only November but Year 1 have started getting into the festive spirit in ICT and have been creating a Christmas Tree activity using 2DIY. I will then share these activities with the Nursery children when they come over to the ICT room nearer the end of term

  @chrisleach78   @teachesict  
Website Y 2Publish+   Using 2Publish+ to label pictures   @simonhaughton  @teachesict  


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