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Digital Authoring - Game Creation - Scratch Videos

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Browse the lists below to find resources to help you deliver this section of #digitalstudies

Resources are not added in any order; however, to make it easier to find something that you can use in the classroom, each column can be sorted by simply clicking on the top row.


Resource Type  Example lesson? Name or related to Cost / additional resources Description from resource Description of how resource can be used  If this resource is originally yours please add your twitter ID here Added to wiki by: 
Videos - Set of 13 Y Scratch Programming    

A set of 13 Scratch Programming lessons

Scratch Programming Lesson 1

Scratch Programming Lesson 2 Animating a Sprite (Dance)

Scratch Programming Lesson 3 Adding Sounds (Dance to the Beat)

Scratch Programming Lesson 4 Create a Music Sprite

Scratch Programming Lesson 5 Create a Scene in Scratch

Scratch Programming Lesson 6 The Pong Game

Scratch Programming Lesson 7 Creating Stories to Animations

Scratch Programming Lesson 8 Game Programming Part 1 – Game Design

Scratch Programming Lesson 8 supplement-GAME_DESIGN_BLANK

Scratch Programming Lesson 9

Scratch Programming Lesson 10 Mini Mario Game Part 3 – Adding Game Rules

Scratch Programming Lesson 11 Mini Mario Game Part 4 – Platforms

Scratch Programming Lesson 12 Mini Mario Game Part 5- Scrolling Intro

Scratch Programming Lesson 13 Mini Mario Game Part – Wrap up

Matt Murphy @teachesict
Video Y Scratch - Introduction Free

This video is 10 and a half minutes, but as it has been recorded by the amazing Miles Berry (@mberry) I won’t be complaining.
Scratch is a fantastic tool for creating games and for teaching programming and coding.




Videos   Scratch - Pacman Free My youtube playlist of 12 vids taking learners through the steps to create Pacman in Scratch.   @mracolley @mracolley
Video   Scratch - Introduction screen Free Video showing how to use broadcasts to create an introduction screen for a Scrathc project.   @mracolley @mracolley
Videos   Scratch - Catch the Fruit Free My youtube playlist showing how to create a catch the fruit game in Scratch.   @mracolley @mracolley
Videos   Scratch - Shooting things Free By popular demand from my Y7s! My youtube playlist showing how to shoot things in Scratch.   @mracolley @mracolley
Videos   Scratch Free   A youtube playlist of 11 videos showing a broad range of Scratch techniques @bizeconict @teachesict
Videos - teach-ict.com   Scratch Free   Loads of scratch resources including many video tutorials @djphillips1408 @teachesict



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