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Digital Authoring - Game Creation - Quest - Websites

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Website   Quest - TextAdventures Free

Perhaps the most obvious use of Quest is within ICT/Computing. Quest provides a gentle introduction to programming concepts – variables, functions, loops, expressions, objects, etc. – and the visual editor means that students don’t need to remember commands or syntax.

Being text-based means that students can create complete games without needing to spend time creating graphics.

The Simple Mode in the Quest Editor, coming soon as part of the forthcoming v5.1 release, strips the editor down to the bare essentials so that even young students can get started creating their own games.

For older students, Quest has a full programming language behind the visual editor, which can be accessed by clicking the Code View button. And for even higher levels, the full source code of Quest is available – a large, active, open source project using C#, VB.NET, Javascript and more.

  @textadv @teachesict
Website   Quest - Textadventures - Blog Free   Official blog @textadv @teachesict
Website Y Quest - Creating text adventures Free This morning in ICT my Year 7 class relived my childhood by playing the classic Text Adventure game, Zork. Before Half Term the children were looking at how games consoles have developed over the years as a way of understanding memory and processing speed and so I thought it would be interesting for them to see what one of the most popular games of the early 80′s was like.   @chrisleach78 @teachesict
Website Y Quest - Screenr Quest Tutorials Free This evening I began to experiment with the online screen capture service Screenr in order to create simple tutorials for Quest, the Text Adventure creator. I have managed to set it so that Screenr tweets when I publish a video and have also published them on YouTube so that I can display them here.   @chrisleach78






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