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Digital Authoring - Animation - Websites

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Browse the lists below to find resources to help you deliver this section of #digitalstudies

Resources are not added in any order; however, to make it easier to find something that you can use in the classroom, each column can be sorted by simply clicking on the top row.


Resource Type  Example lesson? Name or related to Cost / additional resources Description from resource Description of how resource can be used If this resource is originally yours please add your twitter ID here Added to wiki by:
Website    FlipBook    Flipbook! is the drawing game that allows people to create simple animations and share them with the world! Create a simple animation similar to a paper based flip book.  Ideal way to introduce animation and especially persistence of vision    @teachesict 
Website        Make an easy animation with DoInk      @teachesict
Website   #ictcurric Starters   A BrainPop video discussing digital animation. Some key vocabulary words include Computer Generated Imagery, 3-D, 2-D, Flash, stage, layers, keyframes, and tweening. A good introduction to the basics of Flash Animation.   @largerama @teachesict
Website   Stop Motion Works   If you are a beginner or not too good with Computers, it can be confusing deciding which camera, capture card, what features you should consider, and how to put together a Stop Motion set-up that will work. You can go here How do I Record-Film Stop Motion? I am not an expert at this but I am good at research & dissecting the mish-mash of excess information and then make my own evaluations & conclusions. This is from my perspective only. I made an attempt 'explain' but it might be confusing for virginal newbies. After you read the above link ..... come back here.     @teachesict
Website   Improving on 'basic' work in Flash CS5.5 - Quick Fixes  

Firstly students need to make use of the high quality text and filter features in Flash. This is far too often ignored and students can miss out on a few easy tricks to significantly improve the quality of their text.  Why use the default font for text?  Why ignore all the fabulous filter effects that have existed since Flash 8?  Clearly one can go too far adding effect after effect, but students can easily improve a poor looking piece of work in 20 seconds:

  @andyfield @teachesict


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