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Digital Authoring - Game Creation - Kodu - Videos

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Video - set of 8 Y Kodu Free


Kodu introduces the logic and problem solving of programming without complex syntax Kodu introduces conditions and sequence, and is object-oriented Kodu builds real world, 21st century skills by challenging users to analyze a problem deeply and structure their solution – an approach applicable to all academic subjects, business and personal relationships

Step 1: First Game Video Tutorial

Step 2: Making Landscapes Terrain Video  Tutorial


Step 3: Editing Terrain Video Tutorial

Step 4: Timers and Scoring Video Tutorial

Step 5: Common Pitfalls Video Tutorial

Step 6: How to Move the Camera

Step 7: Replicating characters: Creatables

Step 8: Complex Character Behavior: Pages Video Tutorial

Elements of A Story Tutorial and Quiz

Matt Murphy @teachesict 
Video Y Kodu Free  

This is a set of nine Kodu tutorial videos which can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page.  It is better to download them to run from your network as they are quite large.  The videos, in sequence are:

  1. Installing Kodu
  2. First Game Tutorial
  3. Making landscapes:  terrain tutorial
  4. Editing terrain tutorial
  5. Timers and scoring
  6. Common pitfalls tutorial
  7. How to move the camera
  8. Replicating characters:  creatables
  9. Complex character behaviour:  pages tutorial
Video Y Kodu Free

Stuart Ridout, who’s head of ICT at Stantonbury Campus School recorded a tutorial on it, and popped it up onto YouTube. Although you can plug an Xbox controller into your PC, his tutorial is recorded just using the keyboard and mouse, so anybody can do it once they’ve downloaded Kodu. And all in under 8 minutes from blank screen to a simple game.


@stuartridout @teachesict
Video   Kodu Free

A set of video tutorials on how to programme using Kodu. These cover:


  • Creating a world
  • Collecting objects and scoring points
  • Following a path
  • Create a lockable island
  • Basic Combat
  • Creatables
  • Pages


Kodu YouTube Playlist 


These resources can be used to create a working game.  @mattbritland @mattbritland


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