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Digital Technology - Homepage

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From this page you will be able to find all the links for the digital technology strand of #digitalstudies



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Digital Technology - Future Technology
Learning to program
Digital Technology - Robotics
Digital Technology - Networks
Digital Technology - Viruses and Anti-Viruses


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matafwali said

at 11:17 pm on Jul 2, 2012

not sure where to pose this or discuss - can't find a forum on here (truth is its late and I'm not looking hard enough)....

Is Digital technology the place to look at assistive technology?
With building computers etc maybe there can be an real life scenario with a helpful end product. At college I remember going to the Open University and setting up a computer for one of their disabled students. We had to set the hardware up and install dragon dictate. It was fun and I enjoyed it. Speaking to the intended user was a game changer (it mattered if you didn't give it 100%).

With laws continually updating to enable us to design more accessible systems then maybe there is an opportunity for us to teach students how to design systems that are more accessible and usable (I enjoy Human Computer Interaction too). It would be cool for students to design an app that helps EAL or students with other Special Educational needs in their school. Right now this is just an idea I had while driving home from work. I've put it here so its out there but I will come back to it and probably articulate it better when I have thought it through and heard some of your thoughts.

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