Welcome to the wiki for #digitalstudies - the new curriculum for key stage 3.


We are a small group of teachers who have been working on developing an exciting, relevant and modern curriculum for pupils.  We aim to provide a a subject which will introduce pupils to computing and computer science but continue to encourage those pupils who are interested in digital creativity through multimedia as well as continue to provide the digital literacy skills which pupils need.


We believe that although all pupils should gain experience with computer science not all of them will go into computer science and therefore the subject should remain varied enough to provide all with appropriate challenge.  #digitalstudies is therefore based on four strands, digital literacy, digital authoring, digital technology and digital society which will give pupils clear aims in a range of digital areas.


On the wiki you will find links to suggested resources, portfolio projects for the year as well as much more including people to contact about the subject and how to run it at your school.  One of the best ways to get started is to post a question or say hello on twitter using the hashtag #digitalstudies.


We look forward to meeting you.



the #digitalstudies team