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Introduce digitalstudies

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Introducing #digitalstudies at your school


If you are keen on starting #digitalstudies at school it couldn't be easier.  #digitalstudies is not a course you have to buy into or sign up for.  We work on the basis of being flexible and open in terms of what #digitalstudies should be however we feel that in order to start #digitalstudies we would encourage you to use the following guiding principles.  These guidelines begin with a philosophical aim but include a practical element as well.


  1. #digitalstudies is about preparing pupils for a career in computing through access to a wide range of practical skills
    1. Introduce your pupils to the concept of preparing for a job in technology
  2. Through #digitalstudies pupils should be demonstrating a range of skills in a relevant context
    1. Use digital tools like blogs with your pupils so that they can create a digital portfolio of their work
  3. #digitalstudies is based on a resource bank which is open source and free
    1. Use either the wiki here or start your own set of resources.  If you do we would love to link to your set of resources as well. 
  4. #digitalstudies encourages independent learning and responsibility for one's own progress
    1. Teachers must still lead from the front but pupils need to have access to a wide range of tools, resources and help to be able to pursue solutions themselves and then share their results as well
    2. use the #digitalstudies wiki but as a school get your own wiki going  


And of course add the name of your school to the list of schools who are doing #digitalstudies here

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