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General Resources

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These are resources that do not fit into the strands but are useful in planning, preparation and completing work for both teachers and pupils


Resource Type Resource Category Name Cost Description of Resource Use of Resource Originally from Added by
Website / App  Note Taking Evernote  Free for limited use, Premium account exists although not recommended 

From evernote website:


Evernote is a great tool for teachers and students to capture notes, save research, collaborate on projects, snap photos of whiteboards, record audio and more. Everything you add to your account is automatically synced and made available on all the computers, phones and tablets you use. 

Evernote is a fantastic note taking app with many other features.  Pupils can use it with mobile devices or using the website itself.    @sharland
Website Note Taking Google Docs Free Google Docs is an online web only office suite by Google.  Although also very useful for note taking like Evernote it lacks some of the extra integrated features like using a camera to add to your notes.  One can access it through third party apps and websites although its strongest usage is directly through the Google Docs website. If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office which pupils can use for free at home this is it.  A great way to get pupils working on documents and also collaborating through great sharing features.   @sharland
Website / App Blogging Posterous Free Posterous is a free to use blogging platform relying on simplicty of use including the ability to upload via a simple email address. Posterous is a great way to get pupils updating their blogs with examples of their work and reflections on what they have learnt.  Pupils could be set blogging tasks on various activities they have completed.   @sharland
Website News Articles



Free Do you need to do some research?  We have organised news stories for you from BBC News site, going back about four years, arranged along important ICT topics. Great way of getting the pupils to research topics for themselves.  Much more directed than general searches. @teach-ict @teachesict
Website News Articles Headlines for School Subjects Free   Regularly updated feeds of news articles related to #digitalstudies (and most other subjects).  Excellent resource for starting discussions / research.  Worth subscribing as an RSS.   @teachesict
App Screen Capture Tool Snaggy Free Snaggy is an image host that lets you paste images from your clipboard directly online.  Any kind of image, from raw data to URL paths, can be pasted in one step. Snaggy also has a simple built-in editor you can use before you share your image.  Sharing screenshots has always been a big hassle: you have to press print-screen, then paste it into an image editor, then save the image to your local hard drive, then browse for it and upload it.  This was always an annoyance for me, so I made snaggy to simplify the process into a single step.  Since then it has saved me a lot of time, so I've made it public so that everyone can benefit from it.     @lifeformed @teachesict
IT Job Interview Free IT Job Interview   @geekisawesome @teachesict



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