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What are the portfolio projects?


Portfolio projects are year or term long projects designed to cover a number of different skills across as many of the strands as possible.  Through the portfolio project pupils should develop a range of products and outcomes which will showcase what they have learnt.


The projects are primarily meant to be skills based projects although within each there should be ample scope and opportunity for research and writing on theoretical and other broader issues related to computing.


Can I create a portfolio for #digitalstudies?


Yes! If you feel you have an idea for a portfolio which can be used as part of #digitalstudies then by all means write it and get it on to the wiki.  Some guidelines for what to do when writing your portfolio:


  1. Read the wiki as much as possible to get to understand the aims of the subject, strands, assessment methods and resources
  2. Speak to other teachers on the #digitalstudies hashtag
  3. Decide on a single over arching theme or aim for your portfolio - it could be working towards something like 'Creating your own Movie' or it could be on an issue such as Digital Security
  4. Decide on the length for your portfolio - will it be a term or a year long?
  5. Set out the tasks which will be completed by each pupil.  It may be helpful to think whether they will be group or individual tasks.
  6. Use the wiki to look at firstly resources which can be attached to your tasks and then what badges could be attached.  If you would like to propose new badges speak to the #digitalstudies team especially @infernaldepart


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