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Welcome to the #digitalstudies wiki - an upgraded computer technology curriculum for schools seeking to move on from the old ICT programme of study. We offer a modern, project based learning (PBL) approach which allows teachers and pupils the flexibility to pursue creative and relevant challenges using modern technology.  Use the contents below to navigate the site or come chat with us on twitter using the hashtag #digitalstudies.  Even better if you have an idea which you would like to submit then request access and you can begin contributing to #digitalstudies.


Moodle:     digitalstudies.co.uk                        Blog:         digitalstudies.co.uk/blog


Contents #digitalstudies hashtag feed
  1. What is #digitalstudies?

    1. Introduction

    2. Distinguishing it from ICT and Computer Science 

    3. People 

    4. How to become a #digitalstudies school 

    5. strands

      1. Digital Literacy

      2. Digital Authoring

      3. Digital Technology

      4. Digital Society

  2. Lesson Resources

    1. Topics 

      1. Digital Literacy

      2. Digital Authoring (including programming languages)

      3. Digital Technology

      4. Digital Society

      5. General Resources

      6. Collaboration and Competitions 

      7. Things to make you smile (includes #ICTFilms and #comptunes, along with sites to make you smile!) 


  3. Teaching and learning

    1. All about Projects

      1. List of Projects being developed

    2. Assessment

      1. Year 7 baseline test  

    3. Recognition

      1. #digitalbadges 

      2. digital leaders network 

    4. CPD 

      1. iPads in School 

      2. Encouraging girls 

      3. IWB ideas

      4. Blooms, critical thinking 

      5. Classroom management 

      6. Curriculum reports and articles (includes relevant blog posts)

    5. Co Curricular Club Ideas 

  4. General

    1. Schools running #digitalstudies 

    2. If you are a teacher do you want to find out more about #digitalstudies? Click here to register your interest 

    3. If you are a business and could help us or work with us? - click here to register your interest

    4. #digitalstudies presentations 

    5. Blogs on digitalstudies  

    6. #digitalstudies house style 


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